World Book Day 2015

My scrumptious thank you gift from the pupils!

My scrumptious thank you gift from the pupils!

This is one of the biggest weeks in the UK school calendar! Tomorrow, March 5, children across the land will come to school dressed as their favourite book characters. They’ll be celebrating World Book Day and all that is fun and inspiring about reading.

I visited a wonderful local school yesterday and spoke to 170 pupils aged 7-11 about my work. I asked them why we even care about books and reading. Hands shot up and children offered answers that knocked my socks off and made me happy to be an author. ‘Books take you to different worlds,’ they said, and ‘Books are AWESOME’!¬†Books are ‘inspirational’ and ‘informational’. I couldn’t answer the question better than they did.

For all the hands that shot up in excitement, there were also hands that stayed down. I know there are children for whom reading is difficult or who have somehow been put off. I always hope that something I say or show them in my presentations might spark interest in reluctant readers. I can’t think of anything better than to have inspired one child to pick up a book and read for pleasure.

Happy World Book Day! Keep on reading!

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