Workshops 2021

Bookmaking Workshop

Bookmaking Workshop

Arts, Culture and Heritage

As we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions with hope and renewed energy, I look forward to working with partners in the arts, culture and heritage sectors. I am open to discussion about creative projects and workshops responding to local history and culture that can safely involve and inspire communities.

I am particularly excited by researching and mapping ‘hidden histories’, archives, landscapes and buildings/neighbourhoods. Two of my favourite collaborative projects are my visual mapping of the history of the Leeds West Indian Carnival and the hidden histories of three Leeds neighbourhoods. If you are interested in speaking with me about a project, please get in touch.

Schools, Libraries and Festivals

I continue to offer 30-60 minute virtual school and library visits this year. I very much hope to return to in-person visits and workshops but for the remainder of 2021 I am only able to offer live online appearances. 

On the positive side, I can visit with schools and libraries around the world without needing to travel! This means reduced costs and logistics for hosts. I believe there are many possibilities for exciting, inspiring workshops that engage with a wider audience. This is a small ‘silver lining’ in what has been a painful and difficult time for so many people around the world.

Here are some of the activities I offer using the online platform of your choice:

  • A live illustrated talk about my journey as a published author and illustrator aimed at Key Stages 1-3. With Year 5-7 groups in England, Primary 6-7 in Scotland and Grade 6-8 in the USA, my talks can include a reading from one of my books, a question and answer period and even a short creative activity.
  • A live interactive session for younger pupil groups where we create and build a character and story using props and live drawing with input from participants.
  • A live interactive session for older pupil groups on simple storyboarding using words and illustrations.
  • A live interactive session for older pupil groups on simple story and bookmaking with basic art materials. 

My talks and workshops encourage creativity and inventiveness, the value of ideas and research, self-motivation, reading for pleasure and writing to communicate effectively. I encourage the joy of creation for all ability and experience levels. I am happy to work with teachers and librarians to tailor my sessions around specific needs. 

To request a more detailed ‘menu’ of my virtual offerings, please email me.

Costs: my current fees are £75 for a 30 minute live virtual visit, £112 for 45 minutes and £150 for an hour. My fees cover my time and expertise, administration and preparation.

Recording: I prefer that my live sessions are not recorded. However, if you need to record a session for a particular purpose and on a limited basis, I am happy to discuss the possibility.

Booking: please contact me for further information on my offerings, terms and conditions and how to book. I provide a detailed booking form and information pack for all hosts well in advance of a session.

I look forward to hearing from you!