Bookmaking Workshop

Bookmaking Workshop

Schools, Festival and Library Talks and Workshops

In my talks for children and young people I promote creativity and inventiveness, the value of ideas and good research, self-motivation, reading for pleasure and writing to communicate effectively.

In my workshops I encourage the joy of creation for all ability and experience levels. Themes I emphasise in my events: you are somebody, value your ideas, cherish your own stories, practice doing what you love, follow your dreams.

Schools, Festival and Library Visits

I offer illustrated presentations about my work writing and illustrating books for Key Stages 1-3. For younger year groups I use props and live drawing, set a short creative activity and a fun competition in addition to answering pupils’ questions. With Year 5-7 groups in England, Primary 6-7 in Scotland and Grade 6-8 in the USA, my talks include an illustrated presentation, a reading from one of my novels, a question and answer period, book signing and, if the group is under 50 children and time permits, a short drawing activity.

I also offer stimulating writing and illustration workshops for up to 35 pupils per session. My workshops can be tailored to specific themes that can be negotiated in advance. A full day visit to a school could include a mix of talks and workshop sessions.

For a copy of my current brochure about 2019-2020 Primary School Talks and Workshops, please contact me.

For presentations to large groups, the host must be able to provide a microphone and amplification as well as digital projection equipment and a screen to show PowerPoint presentations.

Preparation: Children get more out of my presentations if they know a bit about me and have read my books beforehand. While it is not essential for pupils to have read any of my books in advance, it is helpful if members of staff are familiar with them so they can encourage questions. Once a school or library has booked me for a visit, I will also send a Pre-visit Pack including further information that can help teachers plan.

Costs (including all administration, Pre-visit Pack, workshop preparation and any specialist workshop materials:

  • Full day (3 hands-on workshop sessions and 1 presentation) £550
  • Half day (2 sessions (workshop and/or presentation) of your choice) £330
  • Single session £165

I regret that I am only able to offer single sessions in Leeds; however, schools outside of Leeds can get together and host me for 2-3 single events in one day. For events in schools and libraries outside Leeds, please contact me for a quotation that includes travel and accommodation, if necessary.

I charge schools for my travel and supply receipts with my invoice. I prefer to travel by train and always try to choose the cheapest tickets if I have enough advance notice. I am open to travel anywhere in the UK if my overnight expenses are met. I am also willing to consider traveling to overseas schools.

Book sales:
While it is not required, I welcome and encourage schools and libraries to order my books for sale on the day of my visit. If you would like advice on how and where to order, please contact me for recommendations on suppliers who offer books on a ‘sale or return’ basis.

Further questions? Please contact me.