I am feeling terribly guilty at not stopping by my blog recently. I last posted just before heading off to the Lennoxlove Book Festival, which was absolutely lovely. What a place! I spoke in the medieval Great Hall, surrounded by old paintings and armor, not unlike something out of The Blackhope Enigma. I am hoping to do more events in Scottish castles – there are so many fantastic candidates.

Right after Lennoxlove, I went to Boston for a couple of weeks. I had some very enjoyable work to do while I was there: meeting the staff at Candlewick Press, who will be publishing The Blackhope Enigma in the USA early next autumn (around the same time as The Next Book comes out in the UK). I could not ask for a nicer team to work with. And because Boston was my old stomping ground before coming to Scotland, it’s great to work with a ‘local’ publisher.

I hit the ground running last week and am back to working on the Next Book. This involves editing, sharpening, reorganizing and tweaking. I like the revision process. Probably the most challenging part is making sure the story that’s in my head is clear to the reader. Luckily I have editors and an agent who let me know where things need to be tightened up and I am really grateful to have their expert guidance. Big respect to editors!