Magic Mirrors

Morwenna Sketch by Teresa Flavin

Morwenna sketch

One of the themes I love working with is “enchantment”, both in my writing and artwork. One tends to feed the other. While I am painting something, bits of story ideas float around somewhere in my unconscious mind. Sometimes I just have to stop painting and write for a while to get it down on paper.

While the next novel’s plot ferments in my head, I am painting a series of acrylic paintings on paper and wood that have a fantasy feel to them. Six of these pieces are wooden frames with mirrors in them. I like to think of them as Magic Mirrors.

The first one I am posting here is called Morwenna. She’s a dark character I sketched while I was leading a workshop recently for Young, Gifted and Talented teenagers in Keswick, Cumbria. I thought she’d look interesting on a mirror.

I don’t know why she came to mind. Maybe it was because the students and I were chatting about how wildly popular vampire novels for teens are at the moment (Morwenna seems a bit vampiric, but I don’t think she is really).

Morwenna Mirror by Teresa Flavin

Morwenna Mirror

Here’s the finished painting. Yes, in real life the mirror is square, but I had to photograph it obliquely so I wouldn’t catch my own face in the reflection!

Morwenna Sketch by Teresa Flavin


I am working on the second and third mirrors now and I’ll post them when they’re ready.