When a mysterious old oil lantern and a box of painted slides appear at Blackhope Tower, Sunni and Blaise are drawn back to the place where their adventures first began.

On discovering that the slides conceal secrets about artist-magician Fausto Corvo, the pair find themselves caught up in a deadly pursuit. An old enemy is still tracking Corvo and he will stop at nothing to find him. Sunni and Blaise must fight to protect Corvo’s secrets and rid themselves of Soranzo’s evil threat once and for all.

For ages 9+.

Teresa Flavin continues to display dexterity of mind and a lightness of touch as she resolves the many layers and facets of this unusual and engrossing trilogy.
The Scotsman

As can be seen from the attractive cover, this darkly supernatural mystery story will please many readers who love art and magic… It is a story full of striking images – and this is further developed by the use of Teresa Flavin’s own illustrations in the text… Confident readers of nine and over who like unravelling mysteries and exploring eerie worlds full of artistic creepiness may well enjoy all three books in sequence.
K.M. Lockwood, Serendipity Reviews

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