Captives in another time; custodians of a
powerful secret. A visit to a private London
museum takes a sinister turn when
fifteen-year-old Sunni Forrest and her
friend Blaise are lured through a painted
doorway into the past.

The Crimson Shard

The Crimson Shard 2018-11-21T11:39:49+00:00

As a clandestine, eighteenth-century world of art thieves, forgers and body-snatchers closes in on them, they must take their chances on the treacherous streets of the city.

Can they evade their captors and keep an ancient secret from falling into the wrong hands? And will they find the key to unlock the only way home – before it closes forever? A gripping time-travel adventure imbued with alchemy and intrigue.

For ages 9+. 

A Junior Library Guild Selection, Fall 2012

“Flavin is an accomplished writer using an unusual background against which to develop her characters and unfold an intelligent, captivating story.” The Scotsman

“The characters are richly drawn and the pace brisk… A gripping continuation.” Kirkus Reviews

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