Things have been go, go, go since I last wrote a post on this blog – which I am ashamed to say is many months! What’s been going on since I got back from Finland in April? Let’s see. I finished a first draft of a new book, revised it, did quite a few events around Scotland, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, went to the USA, did a lot of paperwork, constant social networking on my Facebook page and on Twitter…You get the drift.

I was also working on a secret side project over the summer. I’d been thinking for some time about making a book trailer and had admired lots of ones that are out there, but I had no idea how to go about it. A casual chat with a filmmaker friend got us excited about making a short live action trailer in time for the September release of THE CRIMSON SHARD in the USA. Over the past couple of months, we created a one minute trailer. I’m going to write a longer post about the ins and outs of making one of these cinematic gems, but suffice to say it takes a lot of careful planning and attention to detail.

Today I put the trailer up on my new Vimeo and YouTube channels and I hope you’ll visit whichever site you prefer! The response so far has been so positive and wonderful.