Every few years I rethink my website, usually because technology has moved on and I need to catch up. This new incarnation has come about because people look at websites on mobile devices more and more so pages need to be readable at any scale. At this point, having had a number of sites, I have come to see redesigns as a chance for me to think deeply about what I do and make. My website represents me and the work I have made but it also sets out the way I want to progress and the kind of work I want to do in the future. This process has come to be extremely valuable to me, and even though the organisational side can be a bit challenging, I am always pleased to rethink my path. We started planning this site months ago and after many conversations with the illustrious Malc, who has always built my websites, we have released it into the wild.

This shiny new website combines my previously separate author and illustrator sites (which was an interesting experiment but a lot to manage). Having all my work under one roof is a good feeling – and it’s great that people can see it on any device. You can find out about my artwork, my books for children and young people, my workshops and even watch videos and download a couple of illustrated bookplates all in one location. I also love the large images, simple background and better connection to my social media.

What new stuff might be coming in the future? I’d like to add a new shop, more downloadable items for readers and a sketchbook section. Websites are always a work in progress, not unlike a creative practice!

In the meantime, have a look around and let me know what you think!