In which The Blackhope Enigma appears at Atkinson-Pryce Books.

We rolled into Biggar (no jokes please, my husband has exhausted them all) last Saturday to introduce The Blackhope Enigma to children at the very lovely and welcoming Atkinson-Pryce Books. It’s a cosy and bright shop that I wish was in my neighbourhood!

Armed with the book, postcards and laptop containing a riveting (I hope) presentation about labyrinths, Renaissance paintings, Venetian galleys and early maps, I had a fine old time introducing the children to some of the story’s background and inspirations. We even did some drawing together (mermaids, monsters and mice) while lying on the carpeted floor. I can’t think of a nicer way to spend an hour on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to all the children for coming and to Atkinson-Pryce Books for arranging my appearance there.