I do apologize.

Right, I’m getting convinced about Twitter. It’s been quite fun, really, but like all things that take me away from writing The Next Book, I have had to limit my time on it. I am learning that there are some people who tweet all day, from waking up till going to sleep. There are those who stop in with a pithy comment and then disappear for a couple of days (I quite like them). And there are people who regularly offer real gems of information and inspiration. I have learned a lot already and will continue to do so. And I’d be delighted if you follow me on Twitter here.

The downside is that my poor old blog has languished recently while I flirt with Twitter and Goodreads. Have I even mentioned Goodreads? Well, it’s a book-lovers’ social networking site, where I already had an author page that needed to be activated. Thanks to my one Fan on my page, who alerted me to it (thanks for that!), I have started building on my page. Have a look, write a review, be my friend or, even, be my fan!