Keeping calm and carrying on.

Well, I lucked out this time. I bought a train ticket to London and worried that there might be a train signalmen’s strike…but who knew that the volcano would blow and suddenly trains looked pretty good?

This was my second time ever at the London Book Fair, but my first time as an Author. The Fair was a lot quieter than usual, since so many people were stranded elsewhere, but it was no less impressive. I got a new insight into the work that takes place on Templar’s stand: rights being sold to other countries, events being set up, orders being taken. And it all happens in a pretty small area. Kudos to everyone working so hard to make Blackhope a success!

It was exciting to see The Blackhope Enigma up there on the shelf with all of Templar’s stunning range of books for children. I positively drooled over the new picture books especially. And the new Vampireology (Ology Handbook)! I thought I was tired of vamps, but when I saw it, I knew I’d have to have it. That, and Dracula (Collectors Classics), illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert. Wow, and double-wow.

I was pretty amped to meet up with a couple of great people from my Arvon course last year. It was over a fleeting falafel sandwich in the Terrace Cafe, but grand nonetheless.

I fairly floated home yesterday, under crystal clear blue skies, the train racing through the blooming countryside. It was a good time to catch up with myself, make a mental list of all the exciting stuff coming up, and of all the writing and drawing I am anxious to get back to!