An enchanting new image in my sketchbook every day for 100 days…now there’s a challenge!

Sometimes fate steps in and gives you a big fat clue about what art project to do next. That happened last weekend when Victoria Johnson posted on Instagram that she was doing the 100 Day Project using the hashtag #birdsbutterfliesandblooms starting on April 2nd. Something inside me said: Do it. And make yours 100 Days of Enchantment.

I first heard about the 100 Day Project in an interview photographer Chase Jarvis did with artist Elle Luna called Your Story is Your Power. The idea, created originally by designer Michael Bierut, is to take one powerful creative action every day for 100 days. Small regular actions can build up to huge a-ha moments. I knew I wanted to try this project someday but the right time finally arrived this week.

Why did I choose enchantment? Because I am currently writing a new middle grade fantasy novel set in a world of enchantment (something in common with my other novels) and it makes sense to extend it into my image making. It keeps my head in that magical world all the time which makes me very happy. I have also learned over the years that focussed practice on a series of images yields interesting and wonderful results. Not only does it keep your hand and heart engaged with the work but it often moves your work along into new realms.

Writing and art making are very different experiences for me and often I feel somewhat split between them. My 100 Days of Enchantment Project weaves them together. I can devote scheduled time to writing then switch to painting in a natural way. This will be a long process and some days will work better than others. The main thing is to keep the intention at the forefront and get back to the daily practice. I am working in a gorgeous small Moleskine Watercolour Notebook that makes the process even more satisfying.

If you’d like to follow my progress, please do follow my Instagram and my own hashtag #100DaysofEnchantment.