I’m giving thanks for the many wonderful days this past year – and reflecting on the ones that weren’t so good. Despite enjoying the fond memories of good times, I always find I learn more from the difficult days, even if it takes a bit of time to come around to realisations. This has not been a hugely productive year for completed manuscripts … but it has been useful for taking stock, learning new visual art skills, working with wonderful colleagues and students on the teaching side of my life and thinking about where I want my creative work to go in 2017.

The fact that I have not written much on this page all year points to an overly busy life with less to share than usual. Perhaps this has been a kind of hibernation or a wish to hold back on showing the world a handful of seeds until the time when I can reveal an armful of flowers instead.

But here’s a small bud that I can share: my holiday card to you, showing a little assemblage of fir trees in a dark, moonlit land, all made from painted textures. I send all of you peace, warmth, clarity and love for now and in the year to come. I shall see you on the other side of the holidays, looking forward to a time of renewal and hope.

All the best,