Earlier this autumn I had the pleasure of visiting Belmont Grosvenor School in Harrogate and working with the pupils on creating stories and illustrations. Here’s a lovely article about the day. We had loads of fun making up crazy tales prompted by character and setting cards I brought along. Sometimes the best stories are created from random elements chosen by chance. I set a little competition for the pupils to illustrate a scene from their stories and I was recently sent a selection of the winning artworks. They features bad monkeys, heroic dogs, parrots, treasure, islands and even a hot air balloon. They are all fabulous and I am really pleased to show them to you here! Congratulations to all.

Sofia's Island

Sofia’s Island

Annabel's The Pirate Puppy

Annabel’s The Pirate Puppy

Molly's Bad Monkey versus Dog with Parrot

Molly’s Bad Monkey versus Dog with Parrot

Soheil's Bad Monkey Problem

Soheil’s Bad Monkey Problem

Izzy's Land of Treasure and Bad Monkey

Izzy’s Land of Treasure and Bad Monkey

Alexa's dramatic boat scene.

Alexa’s dramatic boat scene.