I confess: I am a keen fan of Steven Moffat’s writing for Doctor Who. My all-time favourite has to be “Blink”, the chilling episode about the Weeping Angels, funerary statues who come to life. And they are back, much to my horror and delight in this week’s episode, “The Time of Angels”. I can’t wait to watch the concluding episode (hiding behind my hands!).

UPDATE! Well, the conclusion, “Flesh and Stone”, did not disappoint. In fact, it opened up many questions, threw up a few teasers and clues about future episodes, and left me wanting more. I am going to have to start taking notes, though, if I want to keep up!

I am mightily impressed with the Weeping Angels’ look, and was curious about who creates them. I managed to track down the source and discovered that Dr Who’s creatures and monsters are made by the excellent Millennium FX. And if you want a brief description of how the Angels are actually made, check this out from a 2007 issues of Radio Times. I am suitably impressed that there could be an actor or actress under all the grey texture. Fantastic.