Courtesy of Blast-Off Books

So I walked into Linlithgow Bridge Primary School last week and what did I find but amazing The Blackhope Enigma ‘door art’ made by the P6 class I was visiting. The children were pretty humble about it, but I know the effort they must have made to create this for my visit. I was and am truly touched.

It made me think about how we didn’t really do things like this when I was in school. Hmm, why didn’t we? Probably because authors didn’t come to my school. To be honest, in those days there was a pretty good chance the authors of books you liked weren’t even alive. Or if they were, it seemed like they existed on some lofty celestial plane that didn’t involve visiting schools. I’m sure they did, but I never met any.

So, thanks again, P6 – you made my day!