The Lost Thing

Those of you who have read my blog from the beginning might remember this post about extraordinary author and artist, Shaun Tan. He is one of my creative heroes – and I am honored to be published by the same UK publisher, Templar Publishing.

There was brilliant news for Shaun this week when […]

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My New Studio Mascot

Everyone needs one of these! This little guy was given to me by the excellent Karen MacDonald, creator of Nameless Wonders. I gave Karen a load of fabric scraps, notions and other oddments I had been hoarding in my studio. After years of good intentions, I […]

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Dunure Castle and Labyrinth

A hidden gem on the Ayrshire coast.

I thought this would cheer up those of you who live in Scotland. We’re coping with rain, rain and more rain (which we’re grateful for on the one hand and depressed about on the other), while the Continent copes with heat, […]

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Robin Hood

Why you should sit through the final credits.

Ridley Scott’s new take on Robin Hood got me off the couch and into the movie theatre last night. It kept me entertained and at times mesmerised by the number of flying arrows, the amount of pitch poured down castle walls and the rocking boat scenes on an […]

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