It’s New Year Resolution time again!

There is a slightly doom-laden quality to January 2nd. Not only do a lot of people go back to their daily routines after the holidays, but all the mass media images of tinsel, bubbly and celebration have already morphed into bright, hard-edged images of summer holidays, weight reduction and home improvement. After a couple of […]

I have joined Instagram!

The only surprise is why it took me so long to discover Instagram! But I am finally posting images here and it’s feeling fine. And here’s the really nice thing – it is acting as a prompt to play more with photography, to post quick paintings and sketches and to interact with readers as […]

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Summer Highlights: Spring Fling in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

I know it’s September and we’re almost at the Autumn Equinox, but technically it is still summer. I’m holding onto that thought until 21:02 this Friday, the 22nd, when I finally have to let go of summer. It’s been a rich summer season, busy with work, school and holiday time. I’ve chosen few highlights to reflect […]

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Gallery of Pupil Art!

Earlier this autumn I had the pleasure of visiting Belmont Grosvenor School in Harrogate and working with the pupils on creating stories and illustrations. Here’s a lovely article about the day. We had loads of fun making up crazy tales prompted by character and setting cards I brought along. Sometimes the best stories are […]

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Inspiration Monday – East Street Arts Open Studios 2015

Participating in an Open Studios event can be a bit nerve-wracking. You clean all the paint-covered coffee cups, sweep up bits of paper stuck in the floor boards and generally make the place presentable without sanitising it too much. Then you think about what you’d like to tell people about your work and hope you […]

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Inspiration Monday: Exploring Huddersfield!

I was delighted to be invited to speak to Year 6 at South Crosland CE Junior School recently, especially because Huddersfield Literature Festival awarded my visit as a prize for a schools writing competition. I discovered that the pupils are also keen illustrators when I set them a quick drawing activity and they all came […]

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World Book Day 2015

My scrumptious thank you gift from the pupils! My scrumptious thank you gift from the pupils!

This is one of the biggest weeks in the UK school calendar! Tomorrow, March 5, children across the land will come to school dressed as their favourite book characters. They’ll be […]

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