I’ve always loved listening to music while I’m doing creative projects. Over the past few years, I’ve become a huge fan of podcasts about creativity, art, illustration and the business of doing all those things. I enjoy and appreciate the friendly voices and deep conversations that podcasts provide. I’m always on the lookout for new […]

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My Year In Review 2021

Creativity and new directions in post-lockdown times

Teresa Flavin with Free Little Library community book exchange she painted in 2021 With the Free Little Library in 2021.

It might seem a little bit early to review my life at the beginning of December, but we’re coming […]

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My Free Little Library Art Adventure

Teresa Flavin next to the free little library art she createdDuring lockdown in January 2021, a plastic drawer unit filled with books appeared outside a home in our neighbourhood. Its kind owner left a simple handwritten note on it: TAKE A BOOK, LEAVE A BOOK. This was […]

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It’s New Year Resolution time again!

There is a slightly doom-laden quality to January 2nd. Not only do a lot of people go back to their daily routines after the holidays, but all the mass media images of tinsel, bubbly and celebration have already morphed into bright, hard-edged images of summer holidays, weight reduction and home improvement. After a couple of […]

I have joined Instagram!

The only surprise is why it took me so long to discover Instagram! But I am finally posting images here and it’s feeling fine. And here’s the really nice thing – it is acting as a prompt to play more with photography, to post quick paintings and sketches and to interact with readers as […]

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Summer Highlights: Spring Fling in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

I know it’s September and we’re almost at the Autumn Equinox, but technically it is still summer. I’m holding onto that thought until 21:02 this Friday, the 22nd, when I finally have to let go of summer. It’s been a rich summer season, busy with work, school and holiday time. I’ve chosen few highlights to reflect […]

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Gallery of Pupil Art!

Earlier this autumn I had the pleasure of visiting Belmont Grosvenor School in Harrogate and working with the pupils on creating stories and illustrations. Here’s a lovely article about the day. We had loads of fun making up crazy tales prompted by character and setting cards I brought along. Sometimes the best stories are […]

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