The Times/Chicken House Children’s Author Competition

Dust off your children’s book manuscript and sharpen it up. Here’s a competition offering a nice advance. Chicken House is a UK publisher with a great reputation. Good luck!

If you find you need a bit of online advice on your writing, head to Help! I Need A Publisher, Nicola Morgan’s blog. I’ve […]

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Back from Arvon

An inspirational week at Totleigh Barton in Devon

Totleigh Barton Sketch by Teresa Flavin
I disappeared off the radar last week to attend in a five day Arvon residential writing course in deepest rural Devon and I am still buzzing from the amazing time I had. […]

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Gayle Forman and Carmen Reid in Glasgow

Ever since I was chomped by the writing bug, I have made it my business to attend as many author appearances and read as much children’s fiction as I can. It’s all part of acquainting myself with the writing side of the children’s and young adult book industry. And anything that involves venturing out of […]

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