We Have Our Winners!

Two lovely people won ARC’s of the US edition of THE BLACKHOPE ENIGMA over the weekend. The books will be winging their way to states in the east and the west. Congratulations to both winners and hope you enjoy the read!

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Mapping Ideas

In which I deconstruct and reconstruct The Next Book.

I am on a short breather from work on my next children’s novel. This gives me a chance to stand back, tidy my workspace (and my brain).

I always find it fascinating to see how writers and artists work. Seeing […]

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Cheltenham Literary Festival

When last you heard from me, I was gunning to finish the draft of The Next Book. I had built up a head of steam, and was bearing down on the d√©nouement, when I was felled by my mortal enemies: sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and coughing. It was a whopper, by my lurgie standards, […]

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The Blackhope Enigma Competition Ends Soon!

Only five more days to enter!

How would you like to win a visit from me to your school, library or reading group? That’s the prize lovely Templar Publishing are offering on The Blackhope Enigma website. And you’ll also get other goodies like signed copies as well as other fiction published by Templar.

You’ll need to […]

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