Two bloggers who know what they like.

Now here’s a gorgeous blog with a great title. (I’m going to make you click on the link to learn what it is. I think it’s worth the trip.) Its author, Will, is a connoiseur of beautiful historical illustrated books whose images he takes the time to post for our enjoyment. His blog is thoughtful and well researched, especially on his series of Lost Illustrators from the past. (The concept of Lost Illustrators intrigues me. There are a number of ways you could imagine them…a desert island full of people busy scratching images into books made of bark? Illustrators seized by the urge to run away to said desert island? I could go on.) Will has chosen some very worthy illustrators to spotlight. All of them have inspired me, so thanks, Will.

I also recommend the extraordinary early 20th century book covers from Japan. There are delightful and strange images here, clearly influenced by Western art trends like Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

The other blog I am enjoying is Julie’s Children’s Illustration blog. Nice images of illustrators’ work she admires and a whole lot of links to other interesting blogs and websites.

It’s Friday. Go on, put your feet up and look at the cool artwork on both these blogs. Enjoy.