The Art of the Bookplate

I have been thinking about illustrated bookplates this week. I have several for kids that you can download on my Fun page, and I have been thinking about designing more. So I thought I’d do a little research on bookplates and found this excellent blog, Bookplate Junkie. Like the other book illustration fan sites I have recommended here and here, this one has loads of wonderful images of bookplate art and design.

I wish people used more bookplates! I think they show how much a book is cherished by its owner. They are also a bit mysterious – when I find an old book with beautiful, old-fashioned writing on its bookplate, I imagine what that person was like, how he or she got the book, and what happened to him/her.

I am glad there are people like Bookplate Junkie, who care about these artistic little slips of paper that say so much with so few words.