The Art For Hearts Auction

November 3rd, 2009|

Snag yourself an original piece of art in support of a great cause. The Art for Hearts charitable online auction for Great Ormond [...]

London Inspirations

October 30th, 2009|

Fast, furious, fantastic. Last week I slipped away aboard a southbound train for a few sneaky days of culture. As always, London is a [...]

A Post-Open Studios Update

October 16th, 2009|

If you have been wondering what happened to me over the last two weeks, suffice to say things have been crazy busy and show no [...]

WASPS Open Studios

September 28th, 2009|

On October 3 and 4, we'll throw open our doors so you can see where we work and what we've been doing. This is [...]

Art For Hearts

September 24th, 2009|

I'm supporting this good cause. I have just finished an acrylic painting for a charitable online auction to be held in aid of research by [...]

Book Illustration Fan Sites #2

September 9th, 2009|

Prancing knights, geometric landscapes - I absolutely love this blog. Thank heavens for people who are passionate enough about book arts and illustration to scan [...]

Perthshire Open Studios

September 9th, 2009|

Get thee to the country this weekend! It finally seems to have stopped raining in Scotland for more than five minutes. People ventured out in [...]

The Lost O

September 7th, 2009|

In Which I Am Happily Reunited With My Letterform You may remember this previous post about the Burns Banner that was in the [...]

Jane Yolen in Edinburgh

September 1st, 2009|

Your chance to participate in a picture book workshop with the award-winning American author of over 300 books. The Scottish branch of the Society of [...]

Summertime in Glasgow

July 14th, 2009|

The studio has cooled down enough that I can work without the fan. I have been aiming it directly at me over the last few [...]

Introducing Kath Good

July 2nd, 2009|

Artist, writer and jewellery maker Kath Good has a new blog with some very nice images of her work and an introduction to herself. Welcome [...]

Friday Freebies

June 19th, 2009|

Two new downloads for kids (and grown-up kids,too). It's been too long since I added downloadables to the Fun page on my website, so I'm [...]

Book Illustration Fan Sites

June 19th, 2009|

Two bloggers who know what they like. Now here's a gorgeous blog with a great title. (I'm going to make you click on the link [...]

Philip Pullman

June 17th, 2009|

I wonder whether most people regard Philip Pullman as an author and illustrator, picking up on the fact that he made the striking black and [...]

What I’m Working On Now #3

June 16th, 2009|

Forgive my recent absence from the blogosphere, but I have been preoccupied with homely matters and also busy on new projects. I needed [...]

Tales from Outer Suburbia

June 5th, 2009|

Another stunning book from artist and writer Shaun Tan Maybe this week's theme should be "My Heroes", what with Nick Bantock yesterday and Shaun Tan [...]

Nick Bantock

June 4th, 2009|

I was rearranging my studio bookshelf today and got caught up in my collection of Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine books. They are truly treasured [...]