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Summer Highlights: Return to Tallinn, Estonia

In spring 2012, I took a ferry trip from Helsinki across the Gulf of Finland for a day trip to Tallinn.

I fell in love with the Old Town’s medieval architecture, folklore and friendly people. One of the highlights of my day was a visit to the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre and

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Summer Highlights: Leeds West Indian Carnival 50th Anniversary Project

As summer highlights go, this one is right up there. In the spring I had the honour of being asked to create an illustrated map for the Leeds West Indian Carnival‘s 50th anniversary as part of a Heritage Lottery Grant project.

Every late August bank holiday, the Carnival brings colour, […]

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Summer Highlights: Spring Fling in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

I know it’s September and we’re almost at the Autumn Equinox, but technically it is still summer. I’m holding onto that thought until 21:02 this Friday, the 22nd, when I finally have to let go of summer. It’s been a rich summer season, busy with work, school and holiday time. I’ve chosen few highlights to reflect […]

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Holiday Greetings!

I’m giving thanks for the many wonderful days this past year – and reflecting on the ones that weren’t so good. Despite enjoying the fond memories of good times, I always find I learn more from the difficult days, even if it takes a bit of time to come around to realisations. This has not been […]

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50 Word Spooky Story Winners!

I had an inspiring visit with Year 7 at St John Fisher Catholic High School in Harrogate last month and I set them a little challenge to write a 50 word story about a nearby spooky place. The prize for the top five entries was one of my Blackhope Enigma notebooks.

The students certainly rose to […]

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Gallery of Pupil Art!

Earlier this autumn I had the pleasure of visiting Belmont Grosvenor School in Harrogate and working with the pupils on creating stories and illustrations. Here’s a lovely article about the day. We had loads of fun making up crazy tales prompted by character and setting cards I brought along. Sometimes the best stories are […]

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Jet Black Heart News!


This is a pretty cool surprise: JET BLACK HEART has been shortlisted for the 2016 Coventry Inspiration Book Award in the 11-16 ‘Rapid Reads’ category. It’s in a splendid list of eight books by great authors. That list will go through elimination rounds and be whittled down to three finalists.


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Illustration Wednesday – The A-Z of Children’s Books with Fig Taylor

I don’t know whether the last week of August affects you the way it does me. I get excited in anticipation of the annual September buzz, the kind of buzz I should really be feeling on New Year’s Day but often don’t. That’s because years of schooling conditioned me to feel like September is the […]

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