All my recent books in a tidy row!

All my recent books in a tidy row!

I am very excited to announce that I am working with the excellent Book Events for Schools on my Yorkshire-based school and library visits. You may already be familiar with the comprehensive events listing, interview and review site offered by its sister organisation, Book Events for Children.

Book Events for Schools was created to offer author services to schools and already represents Emma Barnes, Kate Pankhurst, Andy Seed, Jason Beresford, Andy Seed, CJ Busby, Anneliese Emmans Dean and Joshua Siegel. From a busy author’s point of view, it’s great to have a friendly agency that communicates with interested Yorkshire schools and organises all the logistics, including book sales.

This doesn’t mean that Yorkshire schools and libraries aren’t free to email me on my Contact page as before. Far from it – I’d love to hear from you! But once we have decided to go ahead with a visit to your school, Book Events for Schools will guide the rest of the organising process. It couldn’t be easier.

What about schools outside Yorkshire? I will plan my visit with you directly. All you need to do is email me and we can take it from there. Every primary school or library that emails will receive my 2015 Primary School brochure, full of detailed information about what you can expect from my visit, what my talks and workshops include and how to book. 

What about a brochure for secondary schools? I may very well create one, but for the moment it works pretty well to plan visits that are tailored to each high school. You might want me to give an assembly to Year 7 or you might want me to do an Illustration workshop with students undertaking a GCSE in Art & Design. What do you need? I’m here to help.