50 Word Spooky Story Winners!

I had an inspiring visit with Year 7 at St John Fisher Catholic High School in Harrogate last month and I set them a little challenge to write a 50 word story about a nearby spooky place. The prize for the top five entries was one of my Blackhope Enigma notebooks.

The students certainly rose to […]

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Inspiration and Aspiration 2014

Yellow Rabbit ACORN webHappy Second Half of January! By now we’ve all had plenty of time to assess 2013 and make wishes for 2014. Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about.

Top creative experiences in 2013:

Launching two new books for children and young people. In May […]

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Helsinki: Arrival at 60° North

I haven’t quite caught up with the fact that I am now in Finland.

I learned just over two weeks ago that I had been selected for a Helsinki International Arts Programme residency and it felt slightly unreal. The Scottish Book Trust, who are administering the two new residencies for Scotland-based children’s writers, pulled out all […]

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Mapping Ideas

In which I deconstruct and reconstruct The Next Book.

I am on a short breather from work on my next children’s novel. This gives me a chance to stand back, tidy my workspace (and my brain).

I always find it fascinating to see how writers and artists work. Seeing sketches and scribbles others have done reminds me […]

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Summertime in Glasgow

The studio has cooled down enough that I can work without the fan. I have been aiming it directly at me over the last few weeks, trying not to send papers flying. We usually get a week or two in summer where I curse the poor ventilation and wish I could be outside, but this […]

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