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Yes, I am on Goodreads, too! You can visit my page here.

See you there!

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Door Art

So I walked into Linlithgow Bridge Primary School last week and what did I find but amazing The Blackhope Enigma ‘door art’ made by the P6 class I was visiting. The children were pretty humble about it, but I know the effort they must […]

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Blackhope Enigma Events, Past and Future

On the road with mazes and monsters…

I am stopping to take a breath after a number of days out in schools and libraries talking to children and their families about The Blackhope Enigma and what I do.

I had a rollicking two days over Hallowe’en […]

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On the road again

The Blackhope Enigma roadshow is on the move again! This weekend I’ll be Halloweening it at the Works Festival in North Lanarkshire, then next week I’ll have a couple of days up in Moray, near Inverness. I’ll be doing lots of speaking, showing, reading […]

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Cheltenham Literary Festival

When last you heard from me, I was gunning to finish the draft of The Next Book. I had built up a head of steam, and was bearing down on the dénouement, when I was felled by my mortal enemies: sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and coughing. It was a whopper, by my lurgie standards, […]

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The Blackhope Enigma Book Launch

Debut book, debut book launch!

Well, The Blackhope Enigma has set sail, launched last Thursday by a wonderful crowd of well-wishers who enjoyed a glass of bubbly and a slice of “Corvo cake” (dark chocolate-raspberry amazingness) named after the Renaissance painter in my book, Fausto […]

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What’s The Blackhope Enigma About?

A fine question indeed.

The Blackhope Enigma is a historical fantasy-mystery-adventure and it’s suitable for readers age nine and above. Read more about it on the Templar website, including an excerpt.

I just did a guest blog for the Scottish Book Trust about my path […]

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More from Independent Booksellers Week 2010

In which The Blackhope Enigma appears at Atkinson-Pryce Books.

We rolled into Biggar (no jokes please, my husband has exhausted them all) last Saturday to introduce The Blackhope Enigma to children at the very lovely and welcoming Atkinson-Pryce Books. It’s a cosy and bright […]

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Independent Booksellers Week Events 2010

Support your indie bookseller!

Yesterday was a big day. The Blackhope Enigma roadshow took to rail and road with Blast-Off Books in support of Independent Booksellers Week 2010.

I love all book stores but I am particularly fond of indie bookshops like Blast-Off Books, […]

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Counting Down to July 1st

Things are ramping up big style here at HQ. Only a few weeks till The Blackhope Enigma is released into the wild in the UK, and there is lots to do. I am spinning quite a few plates in the air for the time […]

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