Holiday Greetings!

I’m giving thanks for the many wonderful days this past year – and reflecting on the ones that weren’t so good. Despite enjoying the fond memories of good times, I always find I learn more from the difficult¬†days, even if it takes a bit of time to come around to realisations. This has not been […]

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Inspiration Monday: Taking a Breath

I haven’t been near this blog since last month¬†because life has been incredibly busy (in a good way). The last time I checked in with great news about JET BLACK HEART, I was at the start of a jam-packed schedule of teaching, school visits, events and workshops. The studio started to resemble a […]

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The Weeping Angels

I confess: I am a keen fan of Steven Moffat’s writing for Doctor Who. My all-time favourite has to be “Blink”, the chilling episode about the Weeping Angels, funerary statues who come to life. And they are back, much to my horror and delight in this week’s episode, “The Time of Angels”. […]

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What I’m Working On Now #4

A new odyssey.

The sun is out. The 48 hour squall that passed over us, dropping snow, sleet and rain has moved out. Back to spring dreams.

I am ensconced in the Next Book and feeling how far I have come since I started writing The Blackhope Enigma. The learning curve was very steep but the rewards […]

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A Post-Open Studios Update

If you have been wondering what happened to me over the last two weeks, suffice to say things have been crazy busy and show no signs of letting up.

Our WASPS Open Studios event on the 3rd and 4th must have broken all previous records with hundreds and hundreds of visitors over the two days. I […]

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