On the road again

The Blackhope Enigma roadshow is on the move again! This weekend I’ll be Halloweening it at the Works Festival in North Lanarkshire, then next week I’ll have a couple of days up in Moray, near Inverness. I’ll be doing lots of speaking, showing, reading […]

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Cheltenham Literary Festival

When last you heard from me, I was gunning to finish the draft of The Next Book. I had built up a head of steam, and was bearing down on the d√©nouement, when I was felled by my mortal enemies: sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and coughing. It was a whopper, by my lurgie standards, […]

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That Pivotal Moment

It’s a very strange feeling to know you’re on the final leg of a marathon.

This blog has been sorely neglected. It’s growing weeds and spawning spiders, it’s been so long since I brushed it off.

Mea culpa. I have been deep into writing The Next Book, which I have mentioned before. But this time, unlike […]