The Blackhope Enigma Competition Ends Soon!

Only five more days to enter!

How would you like to win a visit from me to your school, library or reading group? That’s the prize lovely Templar Publishing are offering on The Blackhope Enigma website. And you’ll also get other goodies like signed copies as well as other fiction published by Templar.

You’ll need to […]

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Lost in Twitterville

I do apologize.

Right, I’m getting convinced about Twitter. It’s been quite fun, really, but like all things that take me away from writing The Next Book, I have had to limit my time on it. I am learning that there are some people who tweet all day, from waking up till going to sleep. There […]

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Follow me on Twitter

By gum, I’ve done it at last. I’ve gone and joined the Great Big Conversation. Right, so if you’d like to converse, find me here.

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Madonna and Cat

On An Awfully Big Blog Adventure, author Michelle Lovric has posted a fascinating look at why so many medieval and Renaissance portraits of the Virgin Mary include a cat. Well worth a look, art lovers (and cat lovers), and make sure you read the comments, too.

Michelle will be discussing ways to write about […]

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Talking With My Hands

Okay, I knew I talked with my hands a bit. But I didn’t realise how much until I saw this interview with Philippa Cochrane of the Scottish Book Trust. But hey, I get excited when I talk about Renaissance paintings, labyrinths, and other Blackhope Enigma stuff.

I was pretty excited to learn that Blackhope […]

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Cabinets of Wonder

In which I visit a most magical bus.

Last Saturday I wandered around the grounds of Traquair House, soaking up the magical atmosphere of Traquair Fair, sipping tea in a yurt and visiting a Cabinet of Wonders inside a Tardis-like van. This was the very odd and enigmatic Kabinett Fatalia, the creation of […]

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