The Weeping Angels

I confess: I am a keen fan of Steven Moffat’s writing for Doctor Who. My all-time favourite has to be “Blink”, the chilling episode about the Weeping Angels, funerary statues who come to life. And they are back, much to my horror and delight in this week’s episode, “The Time of Angels”. […]

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A Cardboard Box Arrives..

..and the contents are thrilling!

The mail has been good to me today. Not only did the cardboard box yield ten copies of The Blackhope Enigma, but I received a copy of its first review in The Bookseller, calling it an “impressive […]

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London Book Fair 2010

Keeping calm and carrying on.

Well, I lucked out this time. I bought a train ticket to London and worried that there might be a train signalmen’s strike…but who knew that the volcano would blow and suddenly trains looked pretty good?

This was my second time ever at the London Book Fair, but my first time as […]

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Climbing the Mountain

And reaching the sky.

Recently I added this photo to my Powerpoint presentation for school groups. It’s a mountain of The Blackhope Enigma drafts, intermingled with comments from my agent. The oldest draft is on the bottom and the most recent at the […]

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SCBWI Scotland’s Summer Conference

Calling all aspiring children’s book writers and illustrators!

The Scottish chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators has just published its schedule for the 2010 Summer Conference, featuring top authors and illustrators, including Jane Yolen, Bob Harris, Elizabeth Wein, Nicola Morgan, Sara Pinto, Gillian Philip, Keith […]

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What I’m Working On Now #4

A new odyssey.

The sun is out. The 48 hour squall that passed over us, dropping snow, sleet and rain has moved out. Back to spring dreams.

I am ensconced in the Next Book and feeling how far I have come since I started writing The Blackhope Enigma. The learning curve was very steep but the rewards […]

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