Craigmillar Book Festival

I went to foggy, foggy Edinburgh yesterday to participate in the Craigmillar Book Festival and visited Primary 7 classes at Castleview and St Francis Primary Schools. What nice pupils and staff in both schools – and what lovely buildings!

Thanks, Castleview P7, for this snappy drawing of a mouse who looks like a certain super-famous pop […]

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Ideas Within Ideas Within Ideas…

Why my writing is a bit like a nesting Matryoshka doll.

Yesterday I found this battered little Matryoshka doll on the pavement. A lady at the bus stop looked at me oddly when I picked it up, but I didn’t much care because I like to rescue bits of abandoned or lost treasure. This […]

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The Blackhope Enigma news!

It’s out on July 1 in the UK and ready for pre-order now.

Could I ask for a more classy cover on my first children’s novel? I think not!
Tom Sanderson from The Parish studio designed it, and I am delighted that he included my pen and ink labyrinth drawing behind the title.

The […]

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Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall

Last weekend we climbed up onto Cumbrian crags at sunset to wait for a necklace of torches along Hadrian’s Wall to be lit from the east to west. I have always liked the scene in The Lord of the Rings where huge beacon fires are lit at the tops of snowy mountains, and I […]

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This week’s adventure…

..being a tour guide around some Glasgow studios (and a cemetery).

I’d like to think I don’t get complacent, but I do. I forget the wonders in my own back yard – in this case, Glasgow. That thing about tourists seeing more of a place than the locals do is true. I guess I am kind […]

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Bowled over!

Your support has amazed me.

I have had so many emails from all over the world about The Blackhope Enigma! I am thrilled at people’s enthusiasm and interest.

Here’s a further article from today’s Bookseller…and thanks to Maggi and Rachel for alerting me to […]

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Templar Publishing’s New Fiction for 2010

The Launch Event in London!

I was really delighted to attend last week’s event in this lovely room at the Covent Garden Hotel – as one of Templar’s new authors! Yes, after months of keeping things under wraps, I can now reveal that The Blackhope Enigma will be published this summer. It’s […]

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